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Utilising resources to start a non-profit organisation

The process of starting a non-profit organisation is clear-cut when consulting the right sources. Government websites normally have the laws outlined for these organisations. If non-profit movements are set up correctly, they can be exempted from paying tax, which is essential for these organisations to survive.

It may be necessary to do some thorough research and planning to get everything set up neatly in the eyes of the law – doing thorough research about other charities and movements may be highly beneficial when designing the framework for a non-profit organisation.


The website for the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) is at the frontline when it comes to regulating and advertising charity and non-profit events. They also assist with organising notable contributions from the government. This makes the ACNC an excellent resource to consult.

Top Australian non-profit organisations

These charities and organisations are certified and registered with the relevant legal entities and continue to provide Australians in need with the support they need. Some notable charities from Australia include:

The Sydney Coastrek

This charity hosts a march annually where participants can walk to raise some funds for mental health, and it creates awareness for the cause simultaneously.

PCYC Queensland Charity Golf Day

The McLeod Country Golf Club plays host to an exciting golf day every year to raise funds in support of its youth and community.

Full Stop Foundation

This foundation hosts exciting events like auctions and live entertainment throughout the year with proceeds going to rape and other domestic services in Australia.

Wildlife Information Rescue & Education Service (WIRES)

The WIRES foundation supports wildlife, especially with the raging summer fires that threaten the habitat of many ecosystems.

Global Giving

Evacuations were considerable during Australia’s wildfires in recent years. The non-profit organisation, Global Giving, has therefore established a Wildfires Relief Fund to aid families who may have lost their homes.

Foodbank Australia Limited

The rise of unemployment is always an issue for families that need to feed themselves and their children. This foundation assists those precious families.

Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia)

This foundation assists women in Australia who may not be able to afford the necessary healthcare to ensure that their pregnancy term is carried out successfully.


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