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Providing a hearty and healthy breakfast for disadvantaged children at their School.

Manna currently provides breakfast at 20 Schools in Western Australia.

The School Breakfast Program (sometimes called the “Breakfast Club”) is offered at schools in areas of need where students often attend school with inadequate or no breakfast.   The children enjoy a choice of cereal, baked beans or spaghetti on toast, pancakes, juice, milk and fresh fruit.

Studies at one of the primary schools in 2011 showed an increase in attendance as well as a reduction in behavioral incidents recorded in classrooms and in the playground by the students who regularly attend the School Breakfast Program.   Teachers also reported improved concentration and positive student responses to learning activities.

Students participating in the School Breakfast Program not only experience the physical benefits, but also the positive social and educational aspects of the program.


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Breakfast Club

Over the years the program has grown and is currently in 20 schools providing in excess of 100,000 breakfasts and lunches to children.

The breakfasts supplied are good hearty meals that include cereal (2 choices) and milk, toast and spreads, as well as something hot – baked beans or spaghetti on toast, or pancakes.

The children also have fruit – tinned or fresh (best) as well as Milo or juice.   Many of these children also make sandwiches for lunch from the food provided.

The School Breakfast Program is run by School Staff or volunteers (Corporate Sponsors also have an opportunity to volunteer).   This assists the breakfast programs to ensure the delivery of good quality meals and to create a safe community for the children involved.

Those to benefit from this project include the Students, the School, the Parents and the Community.

Manna is currently seeking Sponsors for three (3) School Breakfast Programs. Please contact MANNA for more details



Breakfast Club Volunteer – Brookman Primary School

I find the breakfast club very rewarding it is great to know you are making a difference to a child’s life, assisting them to learn by filling their tummies and giving them the fuel to learn. Talking to the teachers and the principle at Brookman Primary School they have said they have noticed a marked improvement in the children’s behaviour both in and out of class since the breakfast club started.

Breakfast Club Volunteer – Brookman Primary School

I have been fortunate that my employer Jason Windows has become part of the Manna Breakfast Club program enabling me to become part of this great program. For several years now we have been serving hot and nutritious breakfasts to primary school children that might not in other circumstances have Breakfast. Interacting with the kids and seeing the smiles that you  put on their faces is so rewarding, more than I ever possibly imagined. Definitely puts  things into perspective and gives you a bright outlook on life.

Breakfast Club Volunteer – Brookman Primary School

I am a regular breakfast club volunteer at Brookman Primary School with the rest of my colleagues at Jason Windows, being able to be a part of this amazing program and knowing we are making a difference in these children’s lives, especially when you know that in some cases it’s the only meal they will get all day. It gives you a warmth inside to know that these kids are able to attend school with a full belly ready to learn. It’s definitely a great way to start the day and makes you appreciate the little things in life.

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